How To Play

Get your NFT from one of the marketplaces (AtomicHub for WAX, Rarible for Polygon, TokenTrove for Immutable, Venly for Credit Cards). In order to get access to the alpha, you will need an Avalon 30-Day Access Pass or an Avalon 7-Day Access Pass.
Step 2
Update your launcher once it is done downloading
Step 4
Step 1
Hop over to our Download Page and connect your wallet to get access to the download of the game.
Step 3
Create your account, click on the My Wallet tab, and on Connect Wallet. That will bring you to a secured webpage that will only ask you to sign-in. We DO NOT ask for permissions to send, manage, or control your NFTs.

Featured NFT

Avalon 30-Day Access Pass

The 30-Day Access Pass is one of the 2 new passes (together with the 7-Day Access Pass) that grant access to Avalon’s gameplay.

It will activate the first time you join the game with it and will grant you 30 days of gameplay with any of the available characters.

This pass will grant Uncommon Avalon Alpha Badges during RAIDs and Events.

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